17 Feb 2011

you,me and "our" memories

"Z" yayaya i always and always remember that initial.The best and sweet memories i ever had at 12 junior high school.You're the one person who can make me crazy,really really crazy haha.You made me laugh when i feel badmood,when i'm sad.But,sometimes you made me bored haha :D.One year we always together,when we together,you made me cry,laugh,bored,badmood,aaaand CRAZY yeah,i'm crazy 'bout you!! I'll always remember all,ALL ABOUT US. Now,we aren't together,but No matter space and distance make it look so far,i know you still in my heart :) wehee,but i try to MOVE ON Z,yeah why? Cause i can't go on like this.Cause you've been HERS!! In fact,i still and always remember you're "historic" day with her.Actually,it was very painful. This is why,i try and always try to "replice" you with someone other,who not too different with you,cause i can't stuck here. i'll found him ONEDAY :)


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