15 Jul 2012


A boyfriend . What do you think about this word? I have seen many couples but i'm choose one. They have "special" relationship in my eyes. They different with other couples i have seen. This different thing is the Guy and the way this guy treat his-girl very well. This guy isn't handsome like actor, like prince but he can treat her girl like she is a Princess. So, the Most Perfect Guy in my eyes isn't the boy who has handsome face, perfect as his physically. But the Most Perfect boyfie in my eyes is A boyfriend shouldn’t just be a boyfriend. To have it happier and more worthwhile, he should also be a best friend. He isn't prince for castile, but he could be treat his girl as the most perfect Princess. Not from material, but from the way he did it :) So, maybe i prefer waiting bit longer to get the best result too cause the best one isn't come yet :) And until now, there's only one guy who can took this heart deepestly :P

YOLO ( You Only Live Once )

Don't know why this night feel so emm, peace. Even my mood is on the downest level this night.
Feel like some people try to arrange my life. This own Life. My own. Every people has their own Life which they can arrange by itself, isn't it? Haha, forget about it-lah. Everyone has their own "opinion" about anything too, even they didn't realize that what they do is bothering the others.
Hmm, what am I feel right now? I don't know. In this "not in a good mood" everything are wrong. Everything. Like p-m-s haha. But thats true honestly. If you ask how I'm, i do answer I'm kinda moody person. Unexpected. But i always try to handle it ( even this teenager-feel say I'm not ).
But sometimes, in this condition too me begin to see everything what i have. What i've got.
Start by simple-thing like, Breathe. Do you ever think that how every second we take a breath, there is someone who lost their breath? like we replace their life. Secondly, Happy. Some happy-thing which can bring you to happiness, either friends, or anything make you Laughing out-loud. Do you ever think that every minutes you laugh,laugh and laugh with them, there are some people who feel liveless? They can't laugh, feel happy because of some little til big problem? Like losing someone who they love? While you're laughing, some people are hurting. Thirdly, warm hug. I always cry when i remember it honestly. Especially a warm hug which come from my Mom. Her warm-fondling always make me feel calm. Everything's cruel, but when this warm hug come and her warm hand stroking my head, everything is okay. Like the world is smile to me, even this problem really hurting me. Do you ever think that every warm-hug you got from your mom is welcoming you, there are some child who lost her mom? Can't you imagine if this same thing happen to you? Like hmm God pick-up this beauty-Angel? *I swear my tears drop in my face right now in this paragraph, Me do love you Mom*. Then, (Best) Friends. This is the better place if you wanna share every problem, every happines you got. The better person you can laugh with and better person you can cry with ( I've been feel it for many times :) ). Can you imagine how if someday, when that day come you can't laughing with them again? How if that Laugh changes to be Cry? I think that will happen on Graduation day *Reminding I'm on 3th grade now*. And if you meet them again, the question is are they will be the same like before? And will you be the same like before too? Reminding everything is changes by a second, right?
That's all can't bought by money and the same-thing can't happen twice. So, you only live it once. Don't ever waste it. - aprillitaa
. I realize it and in this momment, I'm thankful so much to you God, the one who gave me this :)

                                                                                          Aprillita Trisnaputri

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13 Jul 2012


That day i have choosen as a Loision Officer ( LO ) like a "little" guide i think haha for Asean Mayor which held by CityNet and Surabaya as a host. Feel proud? Of course. But idk, i feel more afraid honestly. Afraid for everything. Afraid to be failed, thats a most reason. But, i know i'm not alone. Hank a.k.a bella and some students from my school are choosen too, so i know i don't need to be worry. I've got some guest from India. These event was held on 8 July-12 July on Shangi-La hotel.

8th July 2012

Finally that day was come!! On that first day, i went to Juanda Airport to pick up our guest. Me feel so nervous. Some bad minded was like a ghost on my mind, like “ How if the guest was not kind? How if they act ike evil? and many others that i couldn't explain” . I arrived on Juanda Airport, International Arrived. Waiting for them are like waiting nghhh, they got a delay!! wattaaaaaaaa
9.40 finally they came! First one i saw was big-tall people with his grey-mustache and you know? He's just like an old Bollywood actor, Amitabh Bachan! :D We acquainted and i know his name was Kirtee Shah, but i ask " You're Amitabh Bachan's twin, don't you?" he laughed out-loud and say "No mam" i teased him again "NO, but you're Amitabh's lost-twin i think, Sir" he was laughed again. And the others, Mr. Om Prakash Mathur ( Professor from a University ) , Mr. Vinay Lall ( his face just like my grandpa :P ), Mr. Rajendrakumar Valley ( a Municipal ), Mr. Assish Deosthall, and the last the one who stayed on different hotel, Mr. Sunandan Tiwari ( he's the handsome one, I think :P )
On that first day, Mr. Prakash was asked us to brought him to buy some Batik. We took him to Mirota and Danarhadi. On second and third day, they have roundtable meeting.
But on third day, Mr. Prakash didn't attend that meeting and ask me to took him back to Mirota to chances her clothes and buy some batik again :D
PS : He said that he loves batik so much ;D. Along the way to Mirota on taxi we talking a lot about anything. About ourself, about our country like the culture, food, weather.
Ohya, i've been come to India Restaurant on Surabaya, the name is "Sitara India Restaurant" which located on Hayam wuruk street 54a. I'll tell you the direction, if you wanna go there :)

From Sutos go straight on till you found Brawijaya Golf, before that place you will see a sign "Sitara India Restaurant" then turn right.

On Wednesday, 11st July 2012
There are some event we have to go. First, 25th anniversary of Citynet ( Ballroom Shangri-La ) and on evening til night, there's Cross Culture Festival which shows manykind of culture from Asean. And there are some Surabaya Delicious Traditional Foods :P. Its such an Unforgetable momment :').
With Amitabh Bachan a.k.a Kirtee Shah :P :P ( Surabaya City Hall )

Thursday, 12nd July 2012

This is the last day *wattaaaa :( we attended Field Visit on Kebun Bibit 2 Wonorejo to plant a tree and also visit a village and a school which won Green and Clean for nice and green environment of course.

All India delegation plant a tree on Kebun Bibit 2 Wonorejo

I've got a pink-rose flower and a souvenir btw :P . After all that place, Mr. Kirtee and the others told us that they want visit some interesting place in Surabaya.
“ Yes we'll have a city tour. No meeting, no batik festival i've seen already, and no school please. Just interesting place which i can grab some nice photograph” he said. So the first place we visit after lunch is Suramadu bridge and Madura Island to buy some Batik Madura textile. After that we go around Surabaya city. Like he said, he really grab some ni-ce photograph haha.
Cause of the night was come and traffic jam anywhere we go back to the Hotel. We have dinner together and then suddenly Mr. Kirtee
patted my shoulder and said “Thanks a lot girls for everything. You both are so nice and kind. We are proud of you. You both treated us very well. You both just like my children.” What do you think if you being me? I just wanna cry and this feeling when we heard this ah, we couldn't explain! This last day just like come fastest for me. Me still want go to another place with them, took some nice photos with them, talking and laughing bout everything too. If he regard Us as his daughters, we regard him as our grandpa anyway ♥

I also took some photos with the others

So, thats kinda GREAT experience i ever had. Thanks a lot for everyone who give me support, this means a lot to me♥. And I'll be missing every momment in it ♥

3 Jul 2012

On My Silent Time

Life is a drama. But don't live it as you are on drama stage which there is a scenario you have to speak with, there are some scene you have to do, and importantly there is a guy you have to live with. Make life as your own. You're the owner who hold the pen to write your own story. And no one can replace it, no one can break it. This is your life, you make the rule. You live with your own rule you made, no one can ruin it and no one can ask you to do what they want. Life not just a drama, Life is a decision which one is good and which one is maybe at risk. If you choose to live with some risk, deal with it. However thats your decision isn't it? But don't ever let them to control you. You are the owner so you have to set your own. Just wait and see what will happen but keep holding your pen on. You have better life if you live it well, You have good decision if you choose better, You will be a better person if you can choose the best decision and get alive.

“If time does not wait for you, don’t worry. Just remove the battery from the clock and enjoy life”