27 Jan 2012

Remember When ...

He's ma last, is he'll be ma future?
Thats fuckin question was always on ma head. Don't know where i must ask that question, to who? If you ask me, am i need the answer, exactly no. Actually its so disturb me. How it doesn't? I've success to forget you, but it also don't need a long time to make ma mind keep thinking of you :mad. It has been 2years. So funny. There's a guy who has been entered this "door". I think i've found someone else like you Z. But, did you know? It didn't really means. USELESS. More and more here, I realized that there's no one guy like you Z :(. I've got a dream more of 5 times about you. That dreams was remembered me all, all about you. Remember 'bout how we laugh together, how funny you are, the way you made me smile. Oh Lord, how i miss that beautiful moment. You always be my moodbooster when the moodbreaker was come :')
I know that waiting for nothing was an useless activity, useless of all. Just waste the time, make me UPSET, make me sad, and more bad feelings. But u know what? I ENJOYED it! I never sigh for this. Eventhough my closed friend said "you. You waiting. Waiting for NOTHING?" "Oh yes. YES I'M. YES I DID IT" "Litak, is useless. Just made you upset." "oh yes, you're right. Really right. I'll give you score for 100! But did u know? I enjoyed it. He never made me cry. No matter what.Just something that made me more durable" haha who cares? Who cares, i've waiting for you? So, will you know about it? Eventhough you don't open this cyber diary?
Haha. Lets ask to the rain when it falling, to know the answer~

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