26 Apr 2012


In that day, i woke up with something different. Yes, in that day that morning, i woke up as a "Real" teenager. I'm in 17 years old now!!! The age which some ppl called its cool lol. Lot of thanks Allah, you still wake me up and i'm still alive in this age :)At morning, there's a surprise by mama and bapak. They woke me up and when i opened my eyes, there's a little Rainbow cake. It just so cute you know haha. But, they didn't celebrate me anymore and there's no candles on it :( . And at these morning, i checked ma phone and there's a lot of message. They congratulate me , and gave me much much best wishes :)

But, there's a sadly thing. 2 of my best didn't celebrate me and they said that they got mad, got angry with me without any reason -_,- Haha forget about that. I checked my Twitter and Facebook, haha many people start from ppl that i know till i didn't know them anymore was celebrate me :) *thankyou.

At evening, bibob called and explained that last nite, she and hank just lie and pretend when they said that it was just a part of their surprised for me. Sadly, they didn't come and said much of sorry with bad reason too :(( I'm sad but i was also too happy to heard that from you guys :) you both was so ah i can't explain it :)) See that i'm so dissapointed by that failed surprise, mom and dad give me my favourite cake, Brownies and i saw 2 candles on it. 17, my new age :) They said that i shud hve 17 years old at 19.14, the time when i was born 17 years ago, and i cried for the first time :).Then bapak said that no matter how old i'm, i always been his little princess *That's why i loved you so mucho dad!!

Thanks mom, dad to save me, to keep me till this time. And tons of thanks for everyone who said "Happy birthday, etc" and gave me much much best wishes. Lot of thanks and bunch of kisses !! You guys made my day and Rock on!! And today i've got new motto :

With Love,

-aprillita trisnaputri-

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