16 Feb 2012

Someday ....

All of us, have someone who is hidden in the bottom of heart.
When we think of him, we will feel like umm.... Always feel a little pain inside. But we still want to keep him.
Eventhough i don't know where he is today. But he's the one who makes me know bout all of this :)

Dear someone somewhere,
There's only one the heart that knows..
Who is the one in my dream.
Who is the one in this mine.
You're the one that i've been waiting for.
It caused the heart is begging.
Caused the heart is calling for. Born to be yours. Its certain that you're the only one.

There aren't many reasons. It just because this heart chooses you.

Dear someone somewhere,

I'm begging you, please know it. Someday....

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