14 Feb 2012

Another 140212 ♥

Finally this day was comin’. February 14 2012. Some people called it Valentine day, but I call it Tuesday. Hmm, what happened on this day? Nothing special. Rainy was falling this nite. Everyday rainy, but don’t know why this rainy was different. don't know because today is Valentine or only my feeling.
I just ruin my time by watched movies. 2 movies already. But I got something that I have to learned by today. This day was an “upset” day. Damn it!! Peoples from my past was “came” today. Yeahh …. Benci banget sama saat saat kaya gini. How it doesn’t? just imagine. Yaah, some people said that Masa Lalu itu untuk diingat dan dijadikan pelajaran, not for wasting time and waiting for it. Just think, kalo aja apa yang tertulis diatas itu easier like we can talk it. Kenyataannya? It is hard, really hard thing to do.. Semakin nyesek when you have to realize that guys around you, isn’t better enough for you. More and more you also have to realize that someone from your past is BETTER!! Someone that you never meet with him again for many years. They only on your sham shadow  how does it feel? PAIN. Yes, I’m in pain. Not strong enough. Tired. Nunggu itu nggak enak. Apalagi nunggu sesuatu yang sama sekali nggak pasti. Its same with you did USELESS something. Berteman dengan masa lalu? Hmm nggak enak memang, but if we’ll get better result by it, why not? I prefer waiting longer but I’ll get better, really a better person for me rather than I’m waiting just for a while, then I’ve got new person faster tapi bisanya cuma makan ati or the worst is dia cuma jadi pelampiasan aja. I do believe that KARMA does exist. So that, I won’t do a mistake, ngelampiasin perasaan ke orang lain, just play with his feeling. I do believe that everyone have their own mate, whenever they will found. So do I :)

So, Its not about chocolate, roses, teddys or Barbie haha. Love is all that matters. Yah, let me say


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