30 Jun 2012

Summer Paradise ♥

Holla bloggers! long time for no posting anything hihi, the last was on 6 June isn't it? :p
Now i'm back!!! :D
It's JULY already btw, Mid month of 2012. and i think i could call this season with " Summer " !!!
This summer is come on my holiday. All I can think about are picnics, retro swimwear (all out of my price range, mind you), warm nights, lazy mornings, and that glorious stack of summer reading books sitting on my shelf at home. Summer has already begun for what seems like everyone but me, so to get pumped for all the events I will get to attend soon. And so bad i can't go anywhere this holiday :( i mean visit some interesting places, especially beach!! I do want it so bad. There's an event which arrest me so i can go anywhere outta this busy-town pfffft. For this holiday, i just spend my time with my ab-nor-mal things like mobile phone, laptop and so on. Just make me feel abnormal. But lucky me i'm still can go out with my bests, like visit some mall and some traditional market-shoes haha :P. Shopping... hmm kinda bored thing? I think NO :P LinkBut honestly, i do want BEACH for this summer. No MALL like usual :( wherever beach. Kuta? Bali? Maybe it would be so great! But no need to worry, without beach, i try to enjoy this summer by doing anything i love with some people i love too :))
Here i also post some outfit for summer. For others, you can check out my polyvore

So, how about your summer Lads? I hope It would be nice :)

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