3 Jul 2012

On My Silent Time

Life is a drama. But don't live it as you are on drama stage which there is a scenario you have to speak with, there are some scene you have to do, and importantly there is a guy you have to live with. Make life as your own. You're the owner who hold the pen to write your own story. And no one can replace it, no one can break it. This is your life, you make the rule. You live with your own rule you made, no one can ruin it and no one can ask you to do what they want. Life not just a drama, Life is a decision which one is good and which one is maybe at risk. If you choose to live with some risk, deal with it. However thats your decision isn't it? But don't ever let them to control you. You are the owner so you have to set your own. Just wait and see what will happen but keep holding your pen on. You have better life if you live it well, You have good decision if you choose better, You will be a better person if you can choose the best decision and get alive.

“If time does not wait for you, don’t worry. Just remove the battery from the clock and enjoy life”

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