28 Jan 2013

I'm? Me.

Absolutely me!

     Hi, Bloggers! Don't know why, today I'm in a good mood to design something. I choose to design a littl' bit of my self. I'm a Girl, a Daughter, a Friend, and of course I'm kinda good partner. These picture  was describe a littl' me. There are Instaphoto, a roll of Polaroid, Coffee, Music, Paris and of course my favo, Fashion! Those things can describe me.
     I tell you first about Instaphoto and a roll of Polaroid. Well, its clearly means that I love photography. The reason? Simple. By a photo, you can tell anyone a thing without you say it. The second thing is Coffee. I love Coffee but I'm not a coffee-addict. A cup of Cappucino or Hot Chocolate is kinda enough to give you a lot of Peace. I'm a Taurean and my zodiac said that my little-lucky-thing is Coffee, how cute? Who doesn't like enjoy a cup of cappucino with the rainy outside? Everyone does. The third thing is Music. I do love Music, even I can't play it. A song can describe the listener's feeling. And a song, can be such a moodbooster when you feel low. The last is some ladies who talked about fashion and there is a "manequin" above. Of course, that's explain that I do love F-A-S-H-I-O-N. I feel interest in it. A littl' secret I told to you, I want have my own clothingline and now, thanks my Lord, I'm on my way in it.
     That's a little' emm... chit-chat about me. I feel lucky that I have found my Interest and my Passion. I love myself and I don't choose to be anyone else. So, what's yours?
" I don't do fashion. I'm fashion." - Coco Channel

                                                                                          Aprillita Trisnaputri

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