18 Feb 2013

Liebster Awards

    Bonjour, bloggers! It was been a long time since I posted my last post. And now I'm back. I'm so glad to know that PURPLISHGREEN kindly nominated me to this Award. Firstly, I was got confuse about this award. But, after read her post about It, I got a bit understand hehe.
    For your information, Liebster Award - an award for upcoming bloggers with less than 200 followers or you can say it could be for a newbie bloggers like me. 
 Liebster is the German word for dearest, other translations mean favourite or beloved. The award is given from one blogger to another and is a way of saying "dearest blogger" or "favourite blogger. -  PURPLISHGREEN
So here, as a rules, I will share my "11 random things" and I will answer "11 Random Questions" to from this dearest blogger PURPLISHGREEN . Check this out!

11's Facts Random about Me : 

  1. I'm proudly an Indonesian
  2. I'm a creator of my own-universe and a pen holder
  3. I love Fashion and had a passion in It
  4. I'm a Coffee-lover but not a Coffee-Addict (PS : My zodiac said that coffee is my little-lucky-thing too)
  5. I do love the Rain, and everything including in It
  6. I love writing and still want to be a good writer
  7. I'm a Taurean and a prototype of Kugy .K.
  8. I love pink!! It is a cutest colour ever isn't it?
  9. I'm not a beauty-queen but I'm beauty in Me :)
  10. I'm a dreamer (even everyone could be)
  11. I'm a Vintage-Junkie, Music-Addict, and love Photograph
That's a little 11's random facts about me, and now its time to answer the Questions from PURPLISHGREEN! *excited*

  1. If you could instantly change one aspect of your personality, what would you change?
            There's nothing that I would change because I'm Me. But, I always want to be a better person in every aspects.
        2. Coffee, tea or something else?
             I'll do choose my favorite thing, Coffee.
       3. If you had to watch only one movie for the rest of your life, which would you choose?
           Hmm, it such a difficult-question cause I'm kinda movie-lovers but, If I decide I'd rather choose 
The Twilight Saga - New Moon

If you asking why, the reason is simple. 
How can your guy is rather to die if you're die just because he can't live without you?

        4. If  $1 million suddenly came into your possession, what would you do with it?
            I would brought my parents pilgrimage first. Chase my dreams and make it happen like make a Clothingline,     
            travels around the world, and share with others who need it 
       5. Do you watch anime? If yes, which are your favourite?  
            I don't like anime but I love cartoons :)
       6. What blog is your daily read?
           I'm such a blogger-walker, there are many blogs I had visited. But, I always visit and read a fashion-blogger.
       7. Biggest celebrity crush?
          Celebrity Crush? I don't mind.
      8. Favourite country? Dream country to go to?
          If you ask me about my favourite country, I would answer it is my beloved, INDONESIA. But, dream country 
          to go to ... Hmm it could be mode-loved country. PARIS, FRENCH.
      9. What were your dreams as a child?
          I always want to be a Princess just like a Disneyland-Princess.
      10. What’s your own definition of happiness?
         Talk about happiness? It could be a long answer haha. Yes, happiness is a simple thing and didn't hard to find it. You just need to find out your self exactly. I mean, you know your self, you know what you want, you know your passion, you know anything that can make you happy. If you're already found it, you will be happy. Exactly, 
Happiness is when what you think, say and do is in harmony.
Enjoy your life. Love the life you live, and Live the life you love. 
      11. What do you think about kpop?
            K-Pop is good, but I'm not really like it.

                                                                                          Aprillita Trisnaputri

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