15 Jul 2012

YOLO ( You Only Live Once )

Don't know why this night feel so emm, peace. Even my mood is on the downest level this night.
Feel like some people try to arrange my life. This own Life. My own. Every people has their own Life which they can arrange by itself, isn't it? Haha, forget about it-lah. Everyone has their own "opinion" about anything too, even they didn't realize that what they do is bothering the others.
Hmm, what am I feel right now? I don't know. In this "not in a good mood" everything are wrong. Everything. Like p-m-s haha. But thats true honestly. If you ask how I'm, i do answer I'm kinda moody person. Unexpected. But i always try to handle it ( even this teenager-feel say I'm not ).
But sometimes, in this condition too me begin to see everything what i have. What i've got.
Start by simple-thing like, Breathe. Do you ever think that how every second we take a breath, there is someone who lost their breath? like we replace their life. Secondly, Happy. Some happy-thing which can bring you to happiness, either friends, or anything make you Laughing out-loud. Do you ever think that every minutes you laugh,laugh and laugh with them, there are some people who feel liveless? They can't laugh, feel happy because of some little til big problem? Like losing someone who they love? While you're laughing, some people are hurting. Thirdly, warm hug. I always cry when i remember it honestly. Especially a warm hug which come from my Mom. Her warm-fondling always make me feel calm. Everything's cruel, but when this warm hug come and her warm hand stroking my head, everything is okay. Like the world is smile to me, even this problem really hurting me. Do you ever think that every warm-hug you got from your mom is welcoming you, there are some child who lost her mom? Can't you imagine if this same thing happen to you? Like hmm God pick-up this beauty-Angel? *I swear my tears drop in my face right now in this paragraph, Me do love you Mom*. Then, (Best) Friends. This is the better place if you wanna share every problem, every happines you got. The better person you can laugh with and better person you can cry with ( I've been feel it for many times :) ). Can you imagine how if someday, when that day come you can't laughing with them again? How if that Laugh changes to be Cry? I think that will happen on Graduation day *Reminding I'm on 3th grade now*. And if you meet them again, the question is are they will be the same like before? And will you be the same like before too? Reminding everything is changes by a second, right?
That's all can't bought by money and the same-thing can't happen twice. So, you only live it once. Don't ever waste it. - aprillitaa
. I realize it and in this momment, I'm thankful so much to you God, the one who gave me this :)

                                                                                          Aprillita Trisnaputri

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