15 Jul 2012


A boyfriend . What do you think about this word? I have seen many couples but i'm choose one. They have "special" relationship in my eyes. They different with other couples i have seen. This different thing is the Guy and the way this guy treat his-girl very well. This guy isn't handsome like actor, like prince but he can treat her girl like she is a Princess. So, the Most Perfect Guy in my eyes isn't the boy who has handsome face, perfect as his physically. But the Most Perfect boyfie in my eyes is A boyfriend shouldn’t just be a boyfriend. To have it happier and more worthwhile, he should also be a best friend. He isn't prince for castile, but he could be treat his girl as the most perfect Princess. Not from material, but from the way he did it :) So, maybe i prefer waiting bit longer to get the best result too cause the best one isn't come yet :) And until now, there's only one guy who can took this heart deepestly :P

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